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Pain Treatment Uses Sound to Offer Relief

Updated: May 31, 2019

MANILA (originally posted by ABS-CBN News) -- Eric Soriano III was researching for an alternative treatment for his gravely ill father two years ago when he discovered a non-invasive, painless procedure that promises relief to patients by just sitting in one small room for 30 minutes.

The Medsonix Acoustic Resonating Therapy System generates a piezo-electric effect by generating sound waves by means of electricity.

According to Soriano, part of the system is submerged in a self-contained unit filled with an aqueous solution connected to the control unit. Through this process, electrical energy is converted into acoustic energy that emits a low frequency acoustic waveform permeating the body and causing a natural healing process to take place. 

Patients, who just need to simply relax and sit, will almost instantly feel a certain sensation in the affected area, he said.

“When my father got sick, I started asking around for the best possible medical interventions,” Soriano, the former CEO of Belo Medical Group, said in an interview. “A colleague in Vietnam and Singapore directed my efforts to Medsonix founder Alphonse Cassone, who is based in Las Vegas.”

Developed more that 10 years ago by Cassone, this US FDA-registered device uses low frequency sound waves to increase blood flow, decrease inflammation and pain, and relieve the symptoms related to a host of medical problems.

“Pain relief has been experienced by many patients after only one therapy session,” said Cassone, who has experimented with sound waves for the past 15 years. “Four to six sessions are normally required for maximum benefit.”

When Soriano tried the system in Las Vegas, he was pleasantly surprised as almost instantly, he felt relief from muscle pain he was experiencing.

Since that time, he knew he wanted to bring the system to Philippines for his dad, as well as other Filipinos who might need this kind of procedure, which effectively provides relief from arthritis, migraine, sciatica, back and joint pains, carpal tunnel syndrome, multiple sclerosis, bursitis, Lyme disease, diabetic neuropathy, and peripheral vascular disease.

“The studies showed that the Medsonix Acoustic Resonating Therapy System improved the mobility of patients and reduced the pain in 85 percent of the patients,” Soriano noted.

“We are confident that the Medsonix Therapy System will be embraced by many Filipinos who have suffered long enough and want immediate relief from pain,” he added. “This revolutionary method will help improve the quality of life of many patients who have tried almost everything to get rid of pain.”

The road towards bringing the system to the Philippines, however, was not that easy.

“It was not ‘love at first sight.’ It was a ‘long courtship,’ before I nailed the partnership,” Soriano admitted. “It took several visits to Al’s Las Vegas facility with my partner, Dr. Rey Medina. Al had many prospective partners from Asia and Manila to choose from.”

After Soriano explained his desire to bring Medsonix not just to the Philippines, but to other Southeast Asian countries as well, with options to eventually list it in the stock market, Cassone finally agreed to push through with the partnership late last year.

So far, Soriano is pleased with the reception of the Filipinos towards Medsonix, which is currently available in Clinica Manila at SM Megamall. 

However, he admitted that much work has to be done to get partners in the medical field to see how this system complements other procedures already available in the field.

“We will continue to go around the country to educate our friends in the medical field about the benefits of Medsonix,” said Soriano. “I may not have made my dad try Medsonix because he died two months before I was able to bring the system here, but I know many Filipino patients can benefit from this.”

Soriano also announced plans to donate one system, which is very costly, to a public hospital after the fifth system has been installed in the country.

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