Therapeutic Wave 

Massaging your Body at the Cellular Level


During a Therapeutic Wave session, clients are able to sit back, relax, enjoy music, take a nap or read without the need to disrobe. Clients have reported feeling a warm, tingling sensation throughout their entire body. Some have reported a tingling sensation due to increased circulation by dialating blood vessels and reducing inflammation.

After or during the session, clients have also reported a noticeable boost of energy. Some clients have a delay in healing as circulation continues to increase and inflammation continues to decrease for hours after the session.


60 Minutes - $65.00

90 Minutes - $99.00


60 Minute Packages:

5 Pack          $249.00

10 Pack        $349.00

Unlimited Monthly   $399.00

Therapeutic Wave

1692 Central Avenue

Colonie, New York 12205


Monday            Closed

Tuesday       10am to 5 pm

Wednesday  10am to 5 pm

Thursday    10 am to 5 pm

Friday             Closed

Saturday     10 am to 1 pm

Sunday            Closed

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